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A collection of works made with artists, composers, advertising campaigns and institutional videos.​

​Unreleased songs by Flávio Franco Araújo, Producer of BongÔMusics !

A special montage of BongôMusics' most important and award-winning publicity works..

Project produced at BongôMusics and directed by Rosana Araújo for the SEESAW school. Children from 8 to 12 years old :)The 

A Mix of BongôMusics' first advertising works. [ 1992-1995 ]

​Arrangements, musical productions, independent artists, tracks and original music produced by Flávio Franco Araújo. All rights reserved.​

Recording of a rehearsal for Show no Ao Vivo ! Luiz Roberto de Oliveira - Guitar, Flávio Franco Araújo - Piano acoustic, Denise Mello - Voice.

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