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Flávio Franco Araújo is a music producer, pianist and keyboardist, arranger, composer, audio engineer, mixing and mastering!

Responsible for creating BongÔMusics.

Photo by Bonfá PH

Since 1993, when I created BongÔMusics, I have been working with Steinberg products.

Cubase and Nuendo are my favorite workstations, with all the best tools for arranging, recording in high quality, with a powerful editor

and mixing works in various musical styles very quickly, fundamental nowadays.

I currently use Cubase 12,   its latest version.

For those who use vst-is like me, it's perfect, because adding HALion 7

and other native Steinberg plugins

it is possible to create very organic, convincing and musical arrangements.

With each new version, I notice a significant improvement in the quality of the effects plugins as well. I use and recommend.

Flávio is currently working on his project " SOLITUDE ", which includes his compositions e  by renowned artists such as Chico Buarque, Milton Nascimento, Pink Floyd, among others! The solo piano will be recorded with the VI LABS Ravenscroft software and the Yamaha CP5 controller .  Below a straw, Lovers with Music from Chico!
Click on the link below and watch several tutorials on Steinberg products.

Film Score

Watch the videos and get to know one of the best plugins today


One of my biggest surprises lately was knowing and applying these amazing plugins.

Its greatest feature is   to emulate the sound as close to analogue as possible. Another very cool thing is the total involvement of Steven Slate and his team with support never seen before.

I am very grateful for this partnership and invite all audio providers to discover these wonders.



" This company is a show. The quality is impressive. It is gratifying to know that nowadays we don't need to spend fortunes on analog peripherals. These guys are delivering a lot of technology and very close to the originals."

" SSL has created Historic consoles, as well as Neve. Both have very particular sonic signatures and are State of the Art recordings. Fortunately, SSL has released a collection of plugins emulating the best of their analog line. producers. I highly recommend " .

Flávio Franco Araujo e Hermeto Pascoal

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