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BongÔMusics was created in 1993 by Flávio Franco Araújo.


At first, worked with advertising campaigns and musical productions such as CDs, Movie Tracks, Post Productions, Mixing and Mastering.

In advertising, he won important awards such as PROFESSIONALS OF THE YEAR FROM REDE GLOBO, LAMPADA DEGOLD, ABEMD, AMAUTA, ABOUT PRIZE andECHO AWARDS (Paulo x Bia Campaign).

Participated in the award-winning projectATIt is LOVELEERITA by Ná Ozzetti, as keyboardist and in pre-production.

It produced several independent and talented artists such as Gerson Conrad (ex Secos e Molhados) Euclides Sampaio, Daniel Conti, Juliana Franke, Mari Calahani, Julia Felix, Neusa Maria, Duda Neves (URUCUM), Renzy Star, Nando Lyon, Alex Tranjan, Paula Vellozo, Segundo Inicial, Silvia Camossa, Érico Medeiros and Pete Wooley.

He recorded, mixed and mastered several works by artists such as Nani Barbosa, Pierre Stocker, Vitor Garbelotto, Rafael Ferrari, Kabé Pinheiro, Faa Morena, Marcos Mesquita and Vitor Mesquita (Viola Progressiva), Marcilio Sousa Lima, Novos Malandros, Silvia Altieri, Gerson Conrad, among others.


He produced songs for CDs of Rede Globo soap operas, such as Por Amor and Zazá.

Created special tracks for WATTS dance companies e BERLIN BALLET (project with the former first dancer of the ​Municipality of São Paulo, Nilson Soares).


Creative Director and Music Producer


​Coming from a family where music is a great passion, Flávio is practically self-taught. He plays several instruments such as piano, guitar, double bass, keyboards and dominates everything that the latest technology can provide to a Music Producer. He won several awards as an arranger at Brazilian popular music (MPB) festivals.​


He performed as a keyboardist and pianist with Ná Ozzetti, Raul de Souza, Gerson Conrad, Rhandal de Oliveira, Sizão Machado, Duda Neves, Claudio Celso, Daniel Conti, Pedro Simão, Max Sallum, Adyel, Pete Wooley, among others.

​In addition to his activities at BongÔMusics, he works on children's music projects, movie soundtracks, advertising campaigns and on his CD of instrumental music, Nimbus. His album Solitude was released by label AzulMusic.

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